Friday, 19 May 2017

Camp Gear List

These items need to be packed into your DAY PACK to go on the boat.
Morning tea, bottle of water, cut lunch
Sunhat / Sun Block
Something warm
Medication (if needed)
Camera / Sunglasses (optional)
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that can get wet.

The rest of this list needs to be packed into a pack or bag
(if possible a pack is best as we have to walk 800m to the homestead)

Bedding                                                                              Study Gear
Sleeping Bag                                                                              Pencil Case
Single sheet                                                                               Reading Book / Magazine
Pillow and pillow slip                                                                   Camp Book
                                                                                                Board Game / Cards
                                                                                                (NO Electronic Games)
Clothing                                                                           Toilet Gear
Underwear x 5                                                                           Toothbrush and toothpaste
Sports Socks x 4 or more                                                          Soap
Shorts x 3                                                                                Face Cloth
Sunhat                                                                                      Roll on Deodorant
T-Shirts / Long sleeve tops x 5                                                  2 x Towels
Long Pants (no jeans) x 1                                                             Insect Repellent
Warm sweatshirt or pullover x 2                                                  Shampoo/Conditioner
Handkerchief / tissues
Pyjamas / warm nightwear
Sports shoes (2 pairs preferably—one for wet wear, one for dry wear)
Slip on shoes / slippers (optional)
Togs and Towel
Water proof rain coat with hood

Torch with spare batteries
2 x Plastic supermarket bags
Knife / fork / spoon / plastic dinner plate / dessert plate / 
cup / mug (keep these together in a bag)

Hot Water Bottle (optional)


Camp Newsletter


Dear Parents/Caregivers

Final correspondence before we head to camp on the 29th of May. This week will be predominantly spent on the final lessons before we embark on camp.

The final thing I am asking for a donation of is RARO, or similar to make juice up at camp. This will allow the students to have something a bit more exciting in their drink bottles during their day activities. Again, this is a donation, so if you can not do this there will be no penalty or questions.

I am so appreciative of the donations thus far of spreads, cereals and tinned fruit. Remember to get the yummy baking ready for the Monday we leave, or if it is not home baked it can come to school prior to Monday.

There is a camp meeting on Monday in Room 19 at 5:30pm that is predominantly for the helpers who are coming on camp, but everyone is welcome to attend if you want to find out more. I hope your child has told you some of the exciting stuff happening on camp.

Final reminders

Meet in Room 19 with all gear: NO later than 7:20am
Bus is leaving at around 7:40am

We are anticipating to be back at school on the Friday by about 1:30pm. We will be travelling from Totaranui to Kaiteriteri. The boat leaves Totaranui at 10:45am and the bus leaves Kaiteriteri at 12:15pm. We are anticipating to be back to school at around 1:30pm. By the time we have unloaded the bus and trailers your child will be free to go from about 2:00pm.

If you can not collect your child until the normal finishing time, that is fine I can stay with them. But I anticipate they will be tired and well ready to go home, so if you can collect them at that time it would be great.

Please if there are any concerns or questions email me or phone the school office and I will get back to you.

Looking forward to some fantastic weather!

Many thanks

Trina Wilkinson

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Camp Bits & Bobs


- Polyprop/thermals
- Boots/shoes for tramp
- Waterproof raincoat

Need to be brought into school by Friday for checking.


Room 19 - Monday 22nd May - 5:30pm for any parents/caregivers who want to know more about camp

Monday 22nd May - 6:00pm - for Parent/Caregiver support for camp

Monday, 1 May 2017